Lady Hill Winery was launched on our 5th generation Oregon family farm with a unique vision:  to craft wines that deliver True Northwest expressions of classic Old World grapes and wine styles. Our labels offer wines that embody the special character of the Pacific Northwest.

Because the True Northwest is viticulturally diverse, we have different labels to reflect different wine styles. All our labels are Lady Hill wines. We are a “house of brands,” all made under the Lady Hill umbrella. Radicle Vines  is our entry-level label focusing on great value and quality. Procedo wines are Northwest versions of Italian grapes and blending styles. Ad Lucem wines are traditional Rhône grapes and blends. The Lady Hill label is for classic Burgundian (cool-climate) and Bordelaise (warm-climate) grapes and blends. Fons Amoris are small-lot, barrel selections of our most exceptional wines, but only if the vintage merits it.  

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